Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne

[Last lines]
Heather Lee: I'm sorry for what happened to you. How you were treated. But the people that did that are gone, and things are changing at the Agency.
Jason Bourne: What is it you want?
Heather Lee: I know you've always been a patriot. That what happens to this country matters to you. We need you to help protect us.

Come back in... and we'll work together.
Jason Bourne: Let me think about it.
Heather Lee: How will I find you?
[Bourne walks away. Lee gets into her car and finds a recording and plays it]
Director NI Edwin Russell: [voice over] You still think you can bring him in?
Heather Lee: [voice over] I

have his trust. After what we went through. I'll bring him in. I'm certain of it.
Director NI Edwin Russell: [voice over] And if you can't?
Heather Lee: [voice over] Then... he'll have to been put down.